13 Film Locations Around Valdosta


As Georgia continues to build a home for Hollywood movie productions, its probable that more film productions will be coming to the Valdosta area and will need film locations!

Film Locations:

1) Wild Adventures/Splash Island. Moderately sized theme park with more than 100 rides, wild animals, and a water park.

Film Location - Wild Adventures.











2) The Crescent. Post-bellum plantation style home – one of the most photographed places in Valdosta. Built in 1898 for a Georgia Senator. Attached, it has a Chapel, little School House, fountains, and several beautiful gardens.

Film Location - The Crecent

3) Twin Lakes/Cypress Lakes/Lake Francis .Lake Park is full of spectacularly beautiful lakes surrounded by a variety of different styles and sized homes.

4) Kinderlou Forest Golf Club . Home of the nationwide PGA kickoff each year and home to many beautiful executive style homes.

5) Valdosta High School Stadium. aka “Death Valley”. Home of the Valdosta Wildcats – the nation’s “winningest” high school football team. Also used by Valdosta Blazers and was setting of the city’s acceptance of the ESPN TitleTown USA designation and trophy.  Located on the East side of the field is a Valdosta Wildcat Hall of Fame Museum.

6) The Dosta Playhouse. Recently refurbished playhouse located in Downtown Valdosta where community plays are held. Home of the Valdosta Theatre Guild and the Gingerbread Players.

7) Lowndes County Courthouse. Built in 1905, located in the center of Downtown Valdosta, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.












8) Moody Air Force Base. Located within the northern part of Lowndes County and home to the 23rd wing – which provides air support, force protection, search and rescue missions in support of humanitarian efforts.  Former President George W. Bush was once stationed here.

9) Numerous canopied dirt and/or paved roads throughout Lowndes County.

Film Locations











10) Homestead of Doc Holliday

11) Quail Lodge. Large Hunting Lodge/Resort used for weddings, receptions, special occasions, political forums, etc.  Spacious, Beautifully Decorated, located on a lake and in the woods. Stuffed wild game.

12) Strickland Cotton Mill. Located in Remerton, this mill was built in 1900 and many of the workers’ mill homes still line Plum and Main Streets.

13) Converse/Dalton/Ferrell House. Intricate wood carvings of the laurel wreath are seen throughout the interior and exterior of this beautifully restored, pristine Neoclassical residence which serves as the home of Valdosta Junior Service League’s Headquarters and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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